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Fuck man, where do you guys want to go skate?”
“I don’t know dude, hmm… Oh yeah! Let’s go to that one spot… Ah fuck, never mind, that ledge got knobbed. Shit!! I don’t know!… “
Blah, blah, blah, you get the idea. This scenario happens quite often, fuck, almost every day!

This exact situation must have happened one too many times for the guys over at VOX. They finally snapped and said; “Fuck this shit! Let’s build our own fucking skate spot!” So they did. They gathered up the troops, got all the ingredients necessary to build a ledge, found a ditch at some remote location, carried all the heavy equipment a urban architect might need, and they started to build. Sure, a mission like that will cost you some time, sweat, and money, but not having to ask the ”where should we go skate?” question for a few days… priceless.



I got the directions, and was enroute to meet up with some of Vox’s finest.  After going from half empty to empty, a few wrong turns and a couple of F-bombs, I finally found Vox’s D.I.Y  skate spot. The ledge looked fucking sick!

J.T Aultz, Adrian Mallory, Tyler Surrey, P-kid, Emmanuel Guzman, and Justin Strubing, were already skating and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Vox filmer/team psychiatrist Mark “Shakas” Delellis, team mascot/beer boy Blake, and photog/boss Ed Dominick, were at the spot as well, busy doing their thing.

The photos in this article are a documentation of a pure and fun day skateboarding. No fucking pressure, no fucking stress, just good old fucking off with your friends, a couple of cold ones, using the F-word like a sailor that just found out the chick he hooked up with wasn’t really a woman, and of course skateboarding a ledge you helped build with your own goddamn hands. Enjoy!

P.S. Next time you and your buddies just can’t seem to figure out where to go skate, and you realize that a new skate spot isn’t just going to miraculously fall into your lap out of nowhere, there’s only one thing to do. Gather up the troops, and D. I. Y.!


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